Dangerous Tree Trimming

Cutz Treez recommends that trees in service areas are trimmed to help ensure better, safer service.

Cutz Treez Tree Service estimates that 20 percent of all outages are caused by falling trees or limbs that come in contact with electrical lines. Falling trees and limbs can cause wires to break or sag to the ground, presenting a very real danger to motorists and pedestrians.

Overgrown trees or limbs near power lines pose a danger to unsuspecting children who could come in contact with a live line while climbing a tree.

The shape, size and growth rate of trees affect how often they need to be trimmed. We can only trim and prune trees that are in excess of 10 feet of clearance alongside and below, and no branches above our lines.

Directional pruning allows us to train the tree to grow away from power lines by removing only the branches that come in contact with the wires and phone lines. By selectively trimming the tree’s branches, we can retain much of the tree’s natural crown.

It may be necessary to remove an old/dead tree that has become a hazard to the public or our electrical system. Nick can tell you whether the tree is hazardous or needs to be removed.

Trimming Is A Job For Professionals

Never attempt to trim a tree near electrical wires yourself.

Trees growing or impeding easements should always be maintained by professionals.

If you encounter any of these conditions, check with your city officials for tree trimming or pruning guidelines.

Choosing & Planting Trees

It makes good sense to think ahead before you plant a tree. The tree you plant will make out much better away from overhead lines. If your landscaping plans call for a tree near electric lines, choose a low-growing variety. Fast-growing trees should be planted a minimum of 20 feet away from power lines. Anytime you plant, also remember to check for underground power, cable and utility lines. Also, please avoid planting trees, shrubs or vines close to pad-mounted transformers.

Keeping Branches Away From Power Lines

Cutz Treez has a tradition of providing tree and shrub services to keep Utah and the surrounding area as close to original as possible. The beauty of trees adds to every street and neighborhood, but when branches and limbs grow too close to power lines, trouble grows right along with them.